What a Week on the West Coast!

June 13, 2011

I sometimes joke (though it’s no joke) that I advocate for children by leaving my own! I try hard to make my business trips as short as possible, but I sure didn’t succeed last week; in fact, I was gone Monday through Saturday, cramming in as many meetings, educational presentations, media appearances and book-promotion events as possible to further the mission of the unique organization that I’m so proud to lead  (www.adoptioninstitute.org).

Other than being a bit tired – this have-suitcase/will-travel stuff is really for younger souls – I’m feeling good about what I was able to accomplish. I’m also feeling grateful that my son and daughter are teenagers, so they virtually didn’t notice I was gone. Yes, I’m kidding; I know they noticed but, as much as I love them, I also know they didn’t mind so much and, by now, they also understand my work is all about making the world a better place for them and all the people like them.

So … here are just few highlights, minus the boring business stuff:

  • Tuesday, June 7: Started the day with an appearance on “Sacramento & Co.,” a morning show on ABC (see it here: http://tinyurl.com/News10Pertman), then led a luncheon discussion on LGBT adoption issues, sponsored by the Our Family Coalition in San Francisco; and ended the day by attending/speaking at a book-launch party for “Adoption Nation,” which was hosted by my friend and Institute supporter Reese Relfe at the spectacular home of her mother, Genelle. Big thanks to Reese, Genelle and all the other folks who made this wonderful event happen.
  • Thursday, June 9:  A thought-provoking meeting with two senior execs at the Williams Institute at UCLA, followed that evening by an invitation-only event at the Los Angeles home of two more friends and Institute supporters, Helaine and Glenn Ross, to whom I’m very grateful. There was lots of good discussion there about the Adoption Institute and my book, as well as great conversation with guests who included the actors Nia Vardalos, Ian Gomez and Scott Lowell, as well as many terrific people without screen credits to their names.
  • Friday, June 10: I hadn’t known it, but there are live, “televised” news programs on the web, and I was invited for an interview on one; here’s the link: http://tinyurl.com/FoxPertman. That evening, we had a terrific crowd show up for a public reading/signing of “Adoption Nation” at the Jeanie Madsen Gallery in Santa Monica. The discussion was lively and engaging – largely focusing yet again on the work of the Adoption Institute, as well as on the personal stories of the people who attended – and I feel very lucky and grateful to Jeanie for her generosity in donating such a beautiful venue. Thanks as well to the two Mias; you know who you are!
  • Saturday, June 11: I woke up way too early thinking of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. You know: “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home . . .” And off to the airport I went.

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