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Praise for “Adoption Nation”

“This book is an invaluable resource on all aspects of adoption.” —Deborra-lee and Hugh Jackman, adoptive parents

Adoption Nation is a treasure. It is the most complete book on adoption—ever—by one of the most eloquent, knowledgeable experts in the field.” — Sharon Roszia, co-author of The Open Adoption Experience, program manager of the Kinship Center

“Groundbreaking . . . courageous, penetrating, engaging, and deeply personal. Adoption Nation is a remarkable piece of work.” —David Brodzinsky, co-author of Being Adopted: The Lifelong Search for Self

“The personal, cultural, economic, and geopolitical worlds meet in Adoption Nation. … Pertman’s work is engaging and accessible, and it doesn’t flinch from the controversies that make adoption less than it can and should be.”— Harold D. Grotevant, Rudd Family Foundation Chair in Adoption, University of Massachusetts

Adoption Nation provides a wonderful overview of the key issues in adoption today. It is creative, insightful, and a must-read.” —Ruth McRoy, co-author of Openness in Adoption: Exploring Family Connections

“A comprehensive and humane book about how adoption is changing families—indeed, the very idea of family.” —Ellen Goodman

“Adoption Nation is a wonderful resource, deep and insightful, written by one of the finest reporters I have ever known.” —James McBride

“An important, hopeful, ambitious, and sometimes haunting book.” —Boston Globe

“Adoption Nation is essential reading.” – Chicago Tribune

“By far the most important book on adoption in decades, Adoption Nation is must reading.” —Reuben Pannor, author of The Adoption Triangle

“Adoption Nation is a powerful book that’s a joy to read.” —The late Dave Thomas, founder of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

“An essential resource . . . and a call to arms for policy-makers, Adoption Nation is a celebration of a great American institution.” —Congressman William Delahunt

“Adoption Nation is a must for those who want to understand how and why the adoption scene is changing—and the way it affects us all.” —Betty Jean Lifton, author of Journey of the Adopted Self

“Adam Pertman is one of the most thoughtful voices on the range of contemporary adoption issues.” – Susan Soon-keum Cox, Vice President of Hold International Children’s Services

“An incredibly ambitious book—comprehensive, compassionate and compelling.” —Pam Hasegawa, Editor, Adoption News Service

“Adoption Nation is a profound, sometimes uplifting, sometimes horrifying, and altogether necessary book. Buy it, read it, send it to your legislators.” —Bastard Nation, the Adoptee Rights Organization

“Adam Pertman dares to ask provocative questions about current adoption policy and reform, challenging old belief systems while encouraging new, critical thinking.” —Delores Teller, former president, American Adoption Congress

“A wonderful book that I urge academics, policy-makers, and general readers to use; it is a great read. . . . I will never think about adoption in the same way after reading Adoption Nation.” —Professor Robert Drago, Labor Studies and Women’s Studies, Pennsylvania State University

“Adam Pertman’s meticulous research and graceful prose make Adoption Nation a must-read for everyone interested in the way adoption is transforming the American family. His book has been invaluable to me.” —Professor Susan M. Schultz, University of Hawaii, Manoa

“Offers the reader what can be found nowhere else: a fascinating, comprehensive overview of adoption in American today. Teachers and students in many fields—from history to social work to law—should turn to Adoption Nation for the indispensable context it provides for their studies.” —Elizabeth Samuels, University of Baltimore Law School

“Adoption Nation puts forth the issues in a manner that is at once informed and concerned. Pertman nicely balances fact with illustration. It is these ‘real people’ illustrations that make the issues understandable to the students in my classes.” —Debrah Lewis Fravel, Ph.D., CFLE, Human Development and Family Studies, Indiana University

“Adoption Nation is a gift to the curious minds on campuses nationwide starving for the truth about systems that impact America’s families and children. The (sometimes) mysterious adoption arena is gravely limited in powerful and factual academic resources, and this text fills those gaps in understanding the life and process of growing families in our country.” —Liz Dumbaugh Martin, MSSW, Director, University Training Consortium Project, Kent School of Social Work/University of Louisville

“I would recommend Mr. Pertman’s fine book not only to those personally touched by the adoption experience, but also to anyone who works with individuals and families, or who teaches about them in a wide variety of disciplines. Adoption Nation offers an illuminating view of issues which are of central importance in the lives of millions of people. The book is a thoroughly researched, comprehensive, and illuminating depiction of adoption in the USA, its history, present state, and, one hopes, its future.” —Howard Katz, M.D., Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst; Instructor, Harvard Medical School Department of Psychiatry; Supervising Analyst, the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute