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August 3, 2011

Summer is a time for kicking back, soaking up some sun, and savoring every minute without the bustle of the normal stresses of workaday life. Yes, I’m fanaticizing – or at least kidding. In fact, this has been an unusually busy summer for me, but I’m truly not complaining, because I know how lucky I am to get to do what I do.

In July, for instance, I spoke at a terrific conference on Cape Cod sponsored by Joyce Maguire Pavao and her Center for Family Connections; visited a beautiful site in Connecticut where a camp for adopted kids will be held next year, based on best practice standards that the Adoption Institute is developing; attended a “launch party” for my new book Adoption Nation at an art gallery in Washington, D.C., hosted by Janice Goldwater and Adoptions Together; and – here’s the capper – ended the month by participating (with a lot of extraordinary people, including a Nobel laureate) in an invitation-only Innovation Forum in New York, organized by the Rockefeller Foundation, to discuss world problems.

August includes presentations at the annual conference of the North American Council on Adoptable Children, where I’ll talk about how research can improve laws, policies and practices; at a national education conference in Washington, D.C., where I’ll focus on key issues in the schools; and at a professional training in California, where I’ll discuss some of the Adoption Institute’s major initiatives (such as post-adoption services, youth aging out of foster care, positive identity formation, etc.).

And, of course, I’ve been promoting the work of the Institute – as well as my book – through television, radio, the internet and print publications. Please take a look at the front page of the Institute website or the media section of my blog to read, listen to and watch some of the interviews. And here’s one last bit of suggested reading: Adoption Nation. Order a copy, tell your friends about it, and recommend it to complete strangers!.

To recap, I get to run around all over the place, interact with smart and dedicated people, and do a lot of things I care deeply about. Yes, I will even take some time off for an annual family vacation on the Jersey shore. Am I a lucky guy, or what?

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