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Adoption Nation has proven to be a groundbreaking resource and commentary on adoption. From professionals to parents, adoptees to birthparents, Adoption Nation is a must read!  10 years have passed since the first edition and with it current events, technology and new policies have changed the world of adoption, the families created by it and our outlook on adoption as a country.

This new edition updates the stories of the families from the 1st edition, provides new stories of lives affected by adoption and provides commentary on current events that have provided controversial debate and policy proposal changes (such as the case with the little boy from Tennessee who was returned to Russia).  This new and updated version also includes sweeping reviews and updates on research conducted in the field of adoption.

Adoption Nation is available in both print and e-reader (Kindle) edition on Amazon – see the links below.  Adam is also available to phone in to Book Clubs to answer questions and join in the discussion.  Please contact us at if you’re interested.  Interested in a signed copy? Signed copies are available for $15 (includes shipping).  Please submit your request here.

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