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You’ll note that I put the word “new” in quotation marks; that’s because – as some of you eagle-eyed readers will note – it’s really a revised and updated 10th Anniversary Edition of my first book, and it bears the same main title. But it contains so much new research and information, so many new perspectives and up-to-date stories, and such significant changes and enhancements throughout, that I hope even the most careful readers of the original “Adoption Nation” will agree that it’s worthy of the adjective “new.”

You’ll also notice that this latest edition gets a new subtitle that more accurately describes what it’s all about: “How the Adoption Revolution is Transforming Our Families – and America.” My new publisher suggested that “families” be added to better reflect that this book doesn’t just chronicle a historic social phenomenon, but also demonstrates how adoption genuinely affects the lives of almost everyone in our country. I extend my deep thanks to the smart folks at Harvard Common Press for that idea, for the wonderful new cover they’ve designed and, most of all, for their commitment to the book itself.

Given all the dramatic events that have recently taken place in the world of adoption – from a Tennessee mother’s “return” of her Russian adopted son, to the ongoing controversies in the wake of the Haiti earthquake – and in light of all the fundamental changes that have occurred during the last decade – from the precipitous decline in International adoptions, to the explosion in internet/social media use, to the soaring rate of adoptions from foster care, to policy and practice changes regarding gay/lesbian adoption, open adoptions, birth records, and on and on – I thought it was time to bring my book up to the moment. I believe that understanding our “Adoption Nation,” so that we can shape a more humane, more ethical and more “normalized” institution, one that truly serves the needs of children and all their families, is more important than ever. I hope you read my new book, and I hope you agree.

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